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Our Raw Organic Freeze Dried Goji Berry Powder naturally contains 18 amino acids and are a delicious healthy snack. Has been traditionally used as a wholesome food that may aid in the overall strengthening of the human body.

For thousands of years, organic goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) has been revered for its staggering array of possible health supporting qualities and has been traditionally used as a wholesome food that may aid in the overall strengthening of the human body. Science has shown that this bright red berry not only contains extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals but also has many unique phytonutrients, polysaccharides, and complex compounds that scientists are just beginning to understand.

The dried non-GMO goji berry is a relative of the tomato and a natural source of lycopene. It has been called the world's most powerful anti-aging food. Goji berry juice is one of the highest rated foods on the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). The ORAC scale is a test developed by USDA researchers out of Tufts University in Boston, that measures the antioxidant level in foods. Goji berries possess an unmatched ability to absorb free radicals that attack the body, contributing to the aging process. Today, our bodies are constantly bombarded with external sources of food and environmental toxins. Eating foods high in antioxidants is one way we can help our bodies to combat the damage toxins cause.

Raw goji berries, dried goji berries and goji juice contain 18 amino acids. They are also a rich source of vitamins A and C, and have 21 trace minerals including germanium; a substance rarely found in foods. All of the above attributes makes this super berry a nutritionally dense food.

Some possible traditional uses of Freeze Dried Raw Organic Goji Berry Powder may include:

● May reduce sugar cravings
● May increase longevity
● May support a healthy libido
● May protect from premature aging
● May have alkalizing effect on the blood
● May aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure
● May aid in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
● May stimulate secretion of hGh
● May support the strengthening of muscles & bones
● May support normal kidney function
● May support vitality
● May help reduce obesity
● May support a healthy immune response
● May support eye health
● May encourage vision improvement
● Contains high levels of polysaccharides which may support healthy function of the liver

Constituents of Goji include:

● Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Germanium, Potassium
● Vitamins: Vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin E, Zeaxanthin & Lutein
● Amino Acids: Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Cystine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Valine, Arginine, Histidine, Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Proline, Serine
● Essential Fatty Acids: Linoleic Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid
● Carotenoids: Beta Carotene, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene, Cryptoxanthin, Xanthophyll
● Polysaccharides
● Monosaccharides
● Phytosterols: Beta-Sitosterol
● Phenols: Resveratrol
● Other Phytochemicals: Cyperone, Solavetivone, Physalin

This product is 100% natural and minimally processed. Taste, smell, texture, color, and moisture content may vary from batch to batch.

Suggested Use:
Mix 1 tablespoon with juice, yogurt or add to your favorite smoothie.

Mixing suggestions: To increase flavor and nutritional profile combine with our organic gelatinized maca root and organic extra rich cacao powders in a smoothie.

Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum L.

Other Names: Wolfberry, Lycii Berry, pinyin, mede berry, Lycium chinese, barbary matrimony vine, bocksdorn, Duke of Argyll's tea tree, Barbarum, Murali, red medlar, Boxberry, Boxthorn, Gou qi-zi, matrimony vine, Tibetan goji, Chinese wolfberry, Himalayan goji, Chinese Matrimony-vine.

Parts Used: Whole berry including seeds.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Freeze Dried Goji Berries.

Origin: Grown and dried in Tibet, China. Packaged with care in Florida, USA.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic.

Z Natural Foods strives to offer the highest quality organically grown, raw, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO products available and exclusively uses low temperature drying techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes and nutrients. Our Raw Freeze Dried Goji Berry Powder is USDA Certified Organic and pass our strict quality assurance which includes testing for botanical identity, heavy metals, chemicals and microbiological contaminants. ZNaturalFoods.com offers Organic Raw Freeze Dried Goji Berry Powder packaged in airtight stand-up, resealable foil pouches for optimum freshness. Once opened, just push the air out of the pouch before resealing it in order to preserve maximum potency. Keep your Freeze Dried Raw Organic Goji Berry Powder in a cool, dark, dry place.

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