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Schizandra, also spelled Schisandra, is revered for its ability to promote energy, vitality, and life. It is one of the primary herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Schizandra is a woody vine with numerous clusters of tiny, bright red berries. It is natively found throughout northern and northeast China and the adjacent regions of Russia and Korea. The berries are immediately low temperature dried after harvesting, perfectly preserving all the nutrition of this incredible fruit. You will see, taste and feel the difference of the world's very best organic schizandra.

The fully ripe, sun-dried fruit is used medicinally, and it has a sour, sweet, salty, hot and bitter taste. This unusual combination of flavors is reflected in Schizandra's Chinese name, wu-wei-zi, meaning "five taste fruit." Perhaps the best adjective to describe the taste is to just call it intense.

This unusual berry holds a top spot in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its superior medicinal benefits, where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs and used as a food source.. They are most often used in dried form, and boiled to make a tea. Medicinally it is used as a tonic and restorative adaptogen with notable clinically documented liver protecting and regenerating effects. For example, liver tissue damaged by harmful influences such as viral hepatitis and alcohol. In the treatment of hepatitis, Schizandra has demonstrated a 76% success rate without harmful side effects. The primary hepatoprotective (liver protecting) and immuno-modulating constituents may be the lignans schizandrin, deoxyschizandrin, gomisins, and pregomisin, which are found in the seeds of the fruit.

Laboratory work suggests that Schizandra may improve work performance, build strength and help to reduce fatigue. Using the berries internally is thought to help the body to better utilize oxygen, thereby improving human endurance. In China, a few berries are chewed daily for one hundred days in a row as a tonic to improve coordination and concentration. As documented by the Health Sciences Institute, schizandra raises your body's amounts of the enzyme glutathione, which detoxifies you and, in turn, improves mental clarity. Yance describes schizandra berry as an herb that develops mental and physical health and can potentially increase the body's ability to adapt to varied stimuli.

Russian scientists in the Far East regions where the berries and seeds were used by hunters to improve night vision, as a tonic and to reduce hunger, thirst and exhaustion since "it gives forces to follow a sable all the day without food". "Pharmacological studies on animals have shown that Schizandra increases physical working capacity and affords a stress-protective effect against a broad spectrum of harmful factors including heat shock, skin burn, cooling, frostbite, immobilization, swimming under load in an atmosphere with decreased air pressure, aseptic inflammation, irradiation, and heavy metal intoxication. The phytoadaptogen may exert an effect on the central nervous, sympathetic, endocrine, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal systems, on the development of experimental atherosclerosis, on blood sugar and acid-base balance, and on uterus myotonic activity."

Some possible traditional uses of Raw Organic Schizandra Berry Powder may include:

● Adaptogenic actions
● Increasing energy without the jittery side effect of caffeine
● Detoxifying the system
● May Improve coordination
● Nourishing the nervous system
● May reduce coughs
● Removing parasites
● May Improve night vision
● Boosting concentration & mental focus
● Reducing hunger & thirst
● Restoring energy balance to the body
● Beautifies the skin
● May help the body to better utilize oxygen
● May aid in regenerating liver tissue
● Raising your body's glutathione enzyme levels
● Helping the body adapt to mental & physical stresses
● May improve liver & kidney health
● Reducing insomnia
● Increasing energy supply to vital organs
● May improve work performance, building strength & helping to reduce fatigue

Suggested Use: Mix 1 - 2 teaspoons with juice, yogurt or add to your favorite smoothie.

Botanical Name: Schisandra chinensis

Other Names: Five flavor berry, Schisandra berry, Magnola vine, Wu-wei-zi, Gomishi, Schisandra Fruit, Fruit of Five Flavors, Sandra Berry Vine, Omicha

Ingredients: Organic Schizandra Berry Powder.

Origin: China - Certified Organic

Z Natural Foods strives to offer the highest quality organically grown, raw, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO products available and exclusively uses low temperature drying techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes and nutrients. Our Raw Schizandra Berry Powder is certified organic and pass our strict quality assurance which includes testing for botanical identity, heavy metals, chemicals and microbiological contaminants. offers Raw Organic Schizandra Berry Powder packaged in airtight stand-up, resealable foil pouches for optimum freshness. Once opened, just push the air out of the pouch before resealing it in order to preserve maximum potency. Keep your Raw Organic Schizandra Berry Powder in a cool, dark, dry place.


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