Online only A Simple Guide To Making Your Own Herbal Remedies (download)

A Simple Guide To Making Your Own Herbal Remedies (download)

  • This 29-page guide (PDF Download) is a must have for every herb enthusiast's bookshelf and kitchen
  • You no longer have to spend hours searching through complex information on the internet to answer your herbal questions
  • You'll learn the secrets of the greatest herbal information passed down from generations
  • And you'll discover how to use the right herbs that work best for you! ... More Info

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Just like having a Master Herbalist at your service!

Through the years as both an herbalist and competitive powerlifter, I have used herbs both internally and topically with wonderful results. Only through the learning process and creating new and effective ways of applying these amazing plants have I achieve success. Not only have I achieved great results but I have healed from and prevented injuries.  It is this unique perspective that I share with you.

Discover the healing power of herbs

Eight years ago a young and ambitious Master Herbalist wanted to make a difference in this big crazy world. More importantly, he wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives because he had so much wonderful information to share. As he sat at his desk pondering how to make this dream into a reality, a brilliant idea came to him. This idea culminated into a short and simple 2 part series of booklets on the basics of understanding herbal medicine. A Simple Guide to Making Your Own Herbal Remedies is part two of this series.

You will learn how to make cost effective remedies for your health

One of my favorite lecturing topics is exactly what you will read in this book. You will gain a simple, unique perspective from many years of real world experience.  Not only are you saving money by making the herbal product yourself, but your long term health care costs may also go down. By educating yourself on herbal medicine and your health, you will at the very least be able to take care of the most common ailments. This means you may not be as compelled to run to your doctor. If at times you choose to go to your doctor and are diagnosed with a specific condition, you may decide to go another route. You may want to apply a safer and more effective approach by using herbs.

Here is what you will get when you enjoy "A Simple Guide to Making Your Own Herbal Remedies":

  • You'll learn how to be an expert on herbal formulas and their simple application to support your health needs
  • You'll gain an historical perspective on the most traditional form in which herbs have been used most effectively 
  • You'll doscover a simple breakdown of the different methods in which herbs can be prepared and used safely and effectively
  • You'll also discover centuries old herbal secrets -- and how to best apply the perfect formula for yourself
  • Plus much much more!

Have fun and enjoy the wonderful journey to your own 'health freedom'!

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