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  • Whether you are an elite-level competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who wants to get more from their time at the gym
    -- this information about herbs and superfoods will empower your mind-and-body to perform better than you ever imagined!
  • You’ll discover how adaptogens can help your athletic performance, you’ll recover faster and discover more about your true abilities in both training and competition
  • The tips and strategies in this book are based on research conducted over a 50-year period on the effects of using adaptogens with athletes ... More Info

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“Adaptogens and the Athlete” is designed by a competitive athlete and Master Herbalist to be The Athlete’s Guide to

Build Your Own
Herb and Superfood Nutrition plan

Did you know that different herbs and superfoods can best serve you based on the type of athlete you are?

Are you a strength or endurance athlete?  Competitive?  Or a weekend warrior?

-- This exciting resource will help you choose the best adaptogens based on your needs to help you get more from your mind, body, training and competition.

The goal of this resource is to make a positive impact in your athletic life -- and help you reach your goals faster while staying injury-free. That’s because this book will empower you -- in this crazy toxic world we live in -- to achieve optimal health and be the best athlete you can possibly be.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be hard or complex and you don’t have to end up sick, tired and broken. Nor do you have to spend a lot of money.

We are a society that gets easily distracted from all the external stimuli and trickery that happens around us.This gives us the false belief that there are no simple answers. This is simply not the truth. This resource and the helpful team at ZNaturalFoods is filled with honesty, integrity, and transparency -- and will provide you with the most effective, simple answers that have been proven to work time after time for so many thousands that have gone before you.

Here is what you’ll discover in Adaptogens and the Athlete:

  • The secrets to better athletic performance and recovery by supporting a healthy stress response

  • What adaptogens are, what they do and the most effective way to use them

  • What herbs and foods can be taken with adaptogens to support their effects

  • How to improve liver, gallbladder and digestive function

  • Tricks to improve hydration levels fast

  • All about the effects that fasting has on recovery

  • Ways to improve your sleep and the effects that sleep has on recovery and performance

  • A guide to help you clearly understand where you stand in the spectrum of athletes, and how you compare

  • A clear understanding of how your thinking affects your athletic performance

  • A clear scientific understanding of the human stress response from experts in the field of stress and its relationship to dis-ease

  • How to minimize the effects that stress has on training, recovery and athletic performance

  • Learn about the importance of “Gateway herb”

  • Most of the research is compiled from the eastern bloc where the government itself conducted this clinical research.  

  • And much much more

The simple fact that you purchased this book speaks volumes to your commitment to self- improvement. In fact, you will probably get dozens of great ideas that will positively impact your life as a result of this powerful ebook. But if just one valuable piece of information has made a difference in your life then we have done our job -- and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and journey to optimal health and athletic greatness.

Mike Stuchiner, Master Herbalist


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