Natural vs synthetic. We are what we absorb!

A good place to start is by explaining to everyone what natural medicine is NOT. Everyday, people walk into vitamin stores and buy a basket full of vitamin supplements, thinking they are supporting their health. I applaud them for effort, but I’m sorry to say, they have been led astray. While those type of supplements are effective and are a much better choice than prescription drugs, it’s important to realize that there is little to nothing natural about synthetic, isolated vitamins.

Here is the simple truth in regards to vitamin supplements. Based on the principle they are applied from, they are used to simply replace a toxic drug for something less toxic to deal with symptoms of a problem. They do not address the cause and they don’t support the body to heal itself. The reason being, they are not “whole” and are missing many of the cofactors that it takes to support the body to do the job itself. In many cases, the body is unable to use isolated materials so very little is actually absorbed and passes through the body. The only things that can nourish the body are things in their whole state like foods and herbs.

Now that we have a better understanding of what natural medicine is not, let’s discuss what it actually is and what it does. The two best words that fully describe and sum up natural medicine are cleanse and nourish. So, what do these words mean and why do they so nicely sum up natural medicine? Simply, they encourage and support the body to do its job, heal itself.

Cleansing is by far the most powerful tool to encourage the body to work in a more efficient way during its’ efforts to fix the problem itself. Let’s look at the body as a road map going from point A to point B. If there are a bunch of roadblocks up on the path you are traveling, it will most likely be a harder and longer trip. But if those road blocks were cleared away, you could get from point A to point B much more easily. If you clear the congestion in your body it will work more effectively to heal itself.

Nourishing is the other powerful tool used in the healing process of real natural medicine. But how do we nourish our bodies? Simple, by eating real, wholesome, nutritionally dense food. When I say real and wholesome, I mean foods in their whole state when the nutrition is in full force. This means nothing processed or artificially altered. These foods can also be in a juice or blended form, as long as it is prepared with wholesome foods. Adding whole food powdered concentrates are also a great way to add in a kick of super nutrition.

So there you have it folks! Natural medicine summed up into a neat, little package. REAL natural medicine is just that, simple and to the point. It is not about symptoms and disease but, instead about the body healing itself.

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