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[Recipe] Superfood Pesto Pasta with Spinach, Garlic and Basil

1 min read time Sep 17, 2020


Since we know the whole world loves pasta (as much as we do), we are very excited to share this awesome recipe!

You are going to love this recipe’s simplicity and versatility. Whether you use alfredo sauce, olive oil, add shrimp, chicken or beef, the end result is both satisfying and delicious.

For this recipe, we’ll use a handful of superfood ingredients that has over a hundred deeply nourishing nutrients. But probably the biggest advantage of this recipe, beyond how tasty it is, is the fast and easy preparation.

We’re confident your whole family will enjoy this hearty, delicious, nutrient-rich dish.

Superfood Pesto Pasta Ingredients:

 Instructions for your Superfood Pasta:

  • Bring water to a boil and add spaghetti.
  • Cook for approximately 10 minutes, drain and add a little bit of oil so your pasta does not stick.
  • Next, in a food processor mix the remaining ingredients and add water or oil until you get a nice and creamy consistency.
  • Finally, mix your pasta with your pesto sauce and garnish your plate with basil and parmesan cheese.
  • Enjoy! -- And don’t forget to make enough for seconds ... and maybe even thirds!

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