Chocolate Vegan Protein - Organic

Chocolate Vegan Protein - Organic

  • For the vegan lover in you, we have combined 3 of the highest quality vegan sources of USDA Certified Organic protein (pumpkin, rice, pea).
  • When combined, these foods provide a nourishing complete source of protein with superior amino acid and essential fatty acid profiles.
  • We combined these foods with the most nourishing superfood on earth: Cacao; “The food of the gods”.
  • This nourishing mix is yet again another simple way to provide superior daily nourishment for you and your family... More info

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Three vegan proteins combined to provide a nourishing complete source of protein with superior amino acid and essential fatty acid profiles
Organic Raw Pumpkin Protein:
Our 100% pure Organic Raw Pumpkin Protein Powder is a true whole food protein experience fantastic for athletes and smoothie-lovers alike who want higher protein and superior flavor from a vegan source.
A sweet, smooth and light powder, our pumpkin protein is 61% protein, 13% fiber, and 5% fat. It is loaded with essential fatty acids (EFA's) and in the best sense is not just a protein powder, but a complete food source. 

Organic Brown Rice Protein:
A high protein alternative to soy and animal products, our natural raw enzyme sprouted Organic Brown Rice Protein Concentrate has a silky smooth texture and higher protein content than other rice protein powders. Our Organic Brown Rice Protein has 82% protein content, improved taste and is more easily digested, hypoallergenic and a vegetarian/vegan source of protein. Ideal for those with gastrointestinal sensitivity to milk, wheat, soy, and other proteins. Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is gluten-free, vegan and contains no milk, soy, wheat, eggs, corn, yeast, herbs, preservatives, coloring or anything artificial. This protein is made using an all natural process that does not involve the use of chemical solvents.

Japanese studies presented at a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization symposium in 2004 indicate that sprouting rice by soaking it in warm water for 8 to 24 hours can increase fiber by as much as four times, B vitamins and magnesium by as much as three times and gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) by as much as 10 times. Sprouting whole grains breaks down their phytic acid, which hampers the absorption of minerals, like the magnesium, calcium, and zinc in rice. Decreasing the phytic acid makes these important minerals more bioavailable to your body.

What makes this product so exciting is that through both fermenting and sprouting it may actually allow you to digest, absorb and utilize the protein and amino acids from the rice. Traditionally grains would need to be combined in order to get the most out of the protein found in the grain. This process of sprouting and fermenting allows it to be a stand-alone product.

Organic Pea Protein:
Our Organic Pea Protein contains over 5 times the amount of Arginine as compared to whey protein. Arginine, or L-arginine, is an amino acid that is needed to keep the keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy. Arginine may help support a healthy immune system, and blood sugar response. In addition, research has shown that this amino acid may support healthy circulation. Large concentrations of arginine are found in the skin, and this amino acid plays a key role in the health of all the body's connective tissues, particularly the muscles. Arginine helps the body process both creatine, a natural substance that helps build muscle mass, and nitrogen, a chemical needed for muscle metabolism. Arginine has also been shown to help support the body’s ability to heal and repair damaged tissues.

Organic Cacao:
Our, extra rich, organic Heirloom Criollo Cacao Powder (Cocoa Powder) is made by taking the finest Heirloom Criollo cacao nibs and cold-pressing some of the oil out. This natural process retains 22% of the cacao butter and results in a rich, flavorful powder packed with powerful nutrients which may support a healthy mental outlook. This extra rich cacao powder dissolves easily in liquids making it simple to create delicious chocolate shakes, fudge, hot chocolate and more. Try sweetening recipes with our organic agave nectar or organic lucuma powder to create low glycemic, delightful treats. You can turn your chocolate cravings into super nutrition by rediscovering ‘real’ chocolate in our Extra Rich Organic Cacao Powder.

Cacao contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the planet, exceeding that of red wine, green tea, and many other exotic fruits and vegetables. Our Heirloom Criollo Extra Rich Organic Cacao powder is a source of the mineral magnesium and recent scientific studies have shown that cacao may assist with healthful blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs. It has also been shown to support healthy blood glucose levels. Research from Germany also suggests that cacao may help maintain a youthful and glowing appearance; possibly due to the sulfur and flavonol compounds found in this superfood.
Enjoy as a base for your superfood smoothie or as a delicious stand-alone

This product redefines beauty in simplicity. While containing only a few simple items, they are essential to nourishing and supporting a thriving body. This simple yet phytochemically complex mixture can be used as a stand-alone item or as a base for a superfood smoothie. Either way, this food is able to deliver pure, clean and basic nourishment that your body needs to thrive.

Some possible health benefits and traditional uses of our Organic Vegan Protein Blend with Cacao may include:
  • 100% Plant-Based Protein
  • Easily Digestible Protein
  • Rich in EFA's and Fiber
  • Organic, Raw, Vegan & Non-GMO
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Environmentally-Friendly Source of Protein
  • Highly Suitable for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Hypoallergenic - 100% free of gluten, soy, and cholesterol
  • 98% digestion efficiency & correlation rate to mother's milk
  • Bio-fermentation - combines the sprouted endosperm and bran from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice
  • Natural source of anandamide, phenethylamine, arginine & 300 other natural compounds
  • May contain mood supportive properties
  • May support the dilation of healthy blood vessels
  • May support healthy cellular functioning
  • Possibly a super powerful antioxidant
  • May support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • May support a healthy inflammation response
  • May support active digestion
  • May encourage healthy kidney & bowel function
  • May support the formation of healthy skin
  • May support a vital cardiovascular system
  • Possibly acts as a strong stress reliever
  • May aid in the relaxation of muscles
  • May support the building and maintenance of strong bones & teeth
  • May contain more magnesium than any other food
  • May support healthy blood glucose levels
Suggested Use: Mix 28 grams or 1 ounce (4 level tbsp) with 6-8 ounces of cold water, plant-based milk or juice and thoroughly mix in a blender, shaker or with a spoon for 20-30 seconds. For best results, consume 1-2 servings daily, with one serving post exercise. Can also be blended into your favorite smoothie.

Mixing suggestions: To increase flavor and nutritional profile combine with our organic shredded coconut and banana flakes.

Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Extra Rich Cacao, Organic Raw Pumpkin Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Stevia Extract (Debittered).

Origin: Blended and packaged with care in Florida, USA.

How to Maintain Optimum Freshness
•    Our Organic Vegan Protein Blend with Cacao is packaged in airtight stand-up, resealable foil pouches for optimum freshness.
•    Once opened, just push the air out of the pouch before resealing it in order to preserve maximum potency.
•    Keep your Organic Vegan Protein Blend with Cacao in a cool, dark, dry place.

This product is 100% natural and minimally processed:
Taste, smell, texture, and color may vary from batch to batch. Go here to learn why our products may naturally vary.

The Important Protections we take to Bring you Safe & Nutritious Superfoods:
Please go here to discover the important steps we take to deliver fresh, quality nutrition.
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By (Chicago, United States) on 29 Apr. 2019 (Chocolate Vegan Protein - Organic) :

Best protein powder ever!

I've been buying this for some months now and just noticed it had no reviews, so figured I would throw in mine. This powder is great. It is organic and has a great, dark chocolate flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. It also has a lot of other nutrients besides protein, including a high fiber content. It's practically a meal-replacement on it's own. Mixabilitiy is great too, but it does start to settle somewhat quickly. But I just close the blender bottle and reshake for a few seconds every 3-4 sips, no big deal. Amazing price for such a great product! Most other organic protein powders are at least $20 a pound and don't have a nutrient profile that comes close to this.

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