Trail Mix - Organic

Incan Trail Mix - Organic

  • Our organic Incan trail mix is the definition of a truly raw, superfood snack.
  • Each package contains 7 nourishing nuts, seeds and berries making this delicious snack ideal for a day filled with activities ... More info

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100% Raw, Natural, Organic and No Sugar Added

Incan Trail Mix


Our trail mix is the perfect blend of seven highly nourishing, hydrating and fueling foods.  You’ll also get the added bonus of:

Nature’s most powerful superfood, cacao -- also known as “Food of the gods”

Z Natural Foods’ organic trail mix provides you with yet another way to bring wonderful superfoods into your life with an easy, convenient and delicious tasting snack.

Whether going on a long hike, a day at the beach or if you just happen to find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, rest assured that a few handfuls of this power-packed snack will keep you going for hours (or at least until a search party finds you).

Here are the seven (7) fantastic superfood ingredients, equally divided into in each convenient, resealable package that you receive:

Sunflower Seed Kernels - Organic Raw

Sunflower SeedsThese nutritious sunflower seed kernels contain phenolic antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper.

Traditionally, sunflower seed kernels have been used for their multitude of health benefits. They are thought to possibly support healthy cardiovascular function, healthy blood circulation, a healthy weight, vibrant skin, nails and hair, proper brain function and a positive outlook.

In addition, some alternative practitioners recommend eating sunflower seed kernels because they may help to support a healthy stress response. Our sunflower seed kernels are great as a snack, on salads, in side dishes, as a casserole topper, and much more.

They’re especially great for kids and on the go snacking. Sunflower seeds make a great fuel food for athletic activities including sports and gym workouts. All you need is a daily handful and you'll reap the nutritional benefits.

Bittersweet Chocolate Chips - Organic Raw

Dark chocolate chips (70%)Chocolate, "the food of the gods" has been used for centuries to support healthy energy levels and a positive mood. With over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, chocolate remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods on the planet.

In its raw form, chocolate contains anandamide (a euphoric substance), arginine (a substance known to support healthy blood flow), and tryptophan (an essential amino acid known to support a healthy mental outlook). By raising the neurotransmitters in our brain, chocolate promotes an overall feeling of well-being.

In essence, raw chocolate will make you happy!

Pumpkin Seed Kernels - Organic Raw

Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds are a delicious, nutritious and popular seed that have been celebrated as far back as 1300 AD when utilized by the ancient Aztecs.

They were used as a food and traditional medicine in many Native American tribes and South America, where they were referred to as “pepita de calaba za” meaning “little seed of squash”.

Over time, they became popular in North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean. They have even traveled the globe as far as Asia where they are used today as an alternative medicine.

Here in the United States, pumpkins are grown for commercial consumption in nearly every state and over 100,000 acres of farmland.

Sun Dried White Mulberries - Organic

White mulberriesWhite mulberries (non-GMO) are a natural source of resveratrol which is found primarily in red wine.

Mulberry fruits and leaves also contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. Mulberry extract contains moranoline, which may delay the absorption of carbohydrates and may support healthy glucose levels already within normal range.

The anthocyanins in Mulberry are strong antioxidants and may support a healthy cardiovascular system, immune system response and a healthy stress response.

Sun Dried Goji Berries - Organic

Goji berriesFor thousands of years, organic goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) has been revered for its staggering array of possible health supporting qualities and has been traditionally used as a wholesome food that may aid in the overall strengthening of the human body.

Science has shown that this bright red berry not only contains extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals but also has many unique phytonutrients, polysaccharides, and complex compounds that scientists are just beginning to understand.

This dried non-GMO goji berry is a relative of the tomato and a natural source of lycopene. It has been called the world's most powerful restorative food. Goji berry juice is one of the highest rated foods on the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). The ORAC scale is a test developed by USDA researchers out of Tufts University in Boston, that measures the antioxidant level in foods.

Goji berries possess an unmatched ability to absorb free radicals that attack the body, contributing to the aging process. Today, our bodies are constantly bombarded with external sources of food and environmental toxins. Eating foods high in antioxidants is one way we can help our bodies to combat the damage toxins cause.

Cashews - Organic, Whole, Raw

CashewsCashews have a lower fat content than most other nuts, approximately 75% of their fat is unsaturated fatty acids, plus about 75% of this unsaturated fatty acid content is oleic acid, the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. Studies show that oleic acid promotes good cardiovascular health, even in individuals with diabetes.

Studies of diabetic patients show that monounsaturated fat, when added to a low-fat diet, can help to reduce high triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a form in which fats are carried in the blood, and high triglyceride levels are associated with an increased risk for heart disease, so ensuring you have some monounsaturated fats in your diet enjoying cashews is a good idea.

Cashews are a source of magnesium. Magnesium may possibly support healthy blood pressure levels and is an important mineral for diabetics because it may support healthy insulin levels. Studies have also shown that people who have low magnesium levels are at higher risk of heart disease. Like calcium, magnesium plays an important role in building and maintaining bone health.

Sun Dried Golden Berries - Organic

Golden berriesThe Goldenberry is considered a good source of vitamin P (bioflavonoids) and is rich in pectin. Hundreds of studies on bioflavonoids have shown that they possess  antihistamine and antioxidant activities. Golden Berries make a delicious, tart and highly nutritious and exotic "raisin." They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. They are also extremely high in protein (16%) for a fruit.

Enjoy the last secret of the Andes mountains. Our raw organic goldenberries are 100% natural, no preservatives or additives. Sulfur free, no sugar added. Packed with nutrition, fall in love with the delicate aroma and an addictive tangy sweet and sour taste of raw wild organic golden berries.

Z Natural Foods is very proud to present our new 100% raw, certified organic trail mix. Here is to nourishing and fueling our bodies to achieve great health.

This product is 100% natural and minimally processed. Taste, smell, texture, and color may vary from batch to batch.

This product contains Dark Chocolate Chips which may melt during shipping if they get warm. If melting occurs simple place in refrigerator or freezer for 1 hour. Then break pieces off as needed.

Suggested Use: Eat 1 small handful or add to recipes, yogurt or cereal.

Miscellaneous Facts about our raw, certified organic Incan trail mix

Certifications: Certified USDA Organic.


  • Raw Organic Cashews

  • Raw Organic Sun Dried Goji Berries

  • Raw Organic Sunflower Seed Kernels

  • Raw Organic Pumpkin Seed Kernels

  • Raw Organic Sun Dried White Mulberries

  • Raw Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

  • Raw Organic Sun Dried Golden Berries

Origin: Prepared & Packaged with care in Florida, USA.

How to Maintain Optimum Freshness:

  • Our organic Incan Trail Mix is packaged in airtight stand-up, resealable foil pouches for optimum freshness.
  • Once opened, just push the air out of the pouch before resealing it in order to preserve maximum potency.
  • Keep your organic Incan Trail Mix in a cool, dark, dry place.
  • This product is 100% natural and minimally processed.
  • Taste, smell, texture, and color may vary from batch to batch. Go here to learn why our products may naturally vary.

The Important Protections we take to Bring you Safe & Nutritious Superfoods:

Please go here to discover the important steps we take to deliver fresh, quality nutrition.

Bulk Quantities?

Need to order a large quantity of our products? We’d be happy to help! Please contact our Bulk department to discuss the details.

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By (Long island city, United States) on 30 May 2019 (Incan Trail Mix - Organic) :

Can't believe I ate the whole bag

This delicious mix is too good. The bag only lasts me about 3 days, so I'll need to buy it in bulk soon. Nice combination, and makes for a great snack for those who need to lose weight and don't wan't to feel guilty. The chocolate chips, and goji berries make a great combination. It's so worth getting, and you may want to consider bulk like me.

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