Superfood & Herb Educational Program (download) New

Superfood & Herb Educational Program (download)

  • Learn how to use adaptogens, tonics and superfoods for both nourishment and therapy
  • Discover what is supposed to happen when you take herbs and superfoods
  • Discover how to naturally support a healthy mood and sense of well-being
  • Learn how to choose the best herbs and foods to support your specific needs
  • Learn how to support your genetic design with herbs and superfoods
The herb and superfood education program is a unique blend of old world herbalism mixed with modern science to deliver you a ‘match made in heaven’. In addition to going in-depth about the powerful nourishing qualities of whole herbs and superfoods, this program reviews the impact stress has on your life and well-being -- and teaches you how to choose the right combination of herbs and superfoods to optimize your well being.

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“The ZNF guide is about authentic healing through nourishment from Mother Earth’s perfectly balanced medicine box- Herbs and Superfoods!”  
--- Mike Stuchiner, ZNF Master Herbalist and author of the ZNF Herb and Superfood Education Program

The herb and superfood education program is a fun, easy to follow guide that will help you to get more enjoyment from your herbs and superfoods, in your own real-life situation. You’ll get an in-depth, clear understanding of herbs and superfoods; and more importantly, this guide will give you the tools that enable you to build a dynamic, personalized set of tips and strategies specific to your own unique needs. Every herb and superfood strategy in this program is easy to apply into your everyday life.

Inside, You’ll Discover:

  • How to nourish your body and achieve peak health using the right mix of herbs and superfoods, pg 61
  • How to support a healthy mood and sense of well-being naturally, pg 59
  • Support a healthy inflammation and immune system response, pg 33
  • How to use herbs and superfoods for both nourishment and therapy, pg 41
  • Learn the the most effective way to use adaptogenic herbs and their role in supporting a healthy response to stress, pg 52
  • The secrets to overcoming daily stress, pg 41
  • Support recovery and athletic performance
  • Skills and tools to simplify your life, pg 10
  • How to develop core values
  • Understanding the healing response and the difference between an effect and side effect, pg 30
  • Learn how to identify what real food is, pg 36
  • Food milligrams vs isolated milligrams -- and why you need to know the difference to achieve a healthy balance, pg 38
  • The difference between adaptogens and tonics, pg 41
  • How to make an program specific to your needs, pg 62
  • How to get a clear understanding of the human healing response, including effect versus side-effect
  • True lifestyle habits of healthy and long-lived people from around the world
  • Why all calories and milligrams are not created equal
  • Why small amounts of inflammation is our friend
  • And much, much more
The Guide is much more than a book about pills, potions and powders. It is about understanding the real wholesome effects of nourishment and nurturing both the mind and the body -- using a (w)holistic approach.  You’ll get answers to your questions learning from fun, entertaining examples that you can easily apply in your own life.   

This ZNF program is about authentic healing through nourishment from Mother Earth’s perfectly balanced medicine box- Herbs and Superfoods!

Herb & Superfood Educational Program
70 pages, PDF download. Includes 7 videos (YouTube) to support your learning.  

Please Note: This is an ebook and is delivered to you online, in a PDF file. There is no printed material shipped.

After your successful order, your eBook will be instantly available by clicking on the green button that says "Order History", which will take you to the product picture and a link that says "Click to download".

Disclaimer: This book is for educational purposes only. Any information derived from the ZNF Herbal/Superfood Educational Program is not intended to treat, prescribe nor diagnose.  It should never be used as a replacement for any recommendation by your healthcare provider.

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