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Chronic FatigueGreen icon of person with a lot of fatigue caused by chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic Fatigue, as defined by Western medicine, represents a multifaceted syndrome typified by persistent and severe fatigue enduring an indeterminate duration. Within this paradigm, the condition remains elusive in terms of its etiology. Some studies have explored potential connections between chronic fatigue and mitochondrial dysfunction, potentially underpinning the complex nature of this condition (Myhill et al., 2009, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine; Nicolson et al., 2012, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chronic Fatigue encompasses six distinctive patterns of dysfunction, each characterized by an intricate interplay of symptoms and underlying causes (Maciocia, G., 2005, The Foundations of Chinese Medicine). These patterns include Spleen Qi and Yang deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation, Heart Blood and Yin Deficiency, Kidney Qi and Yang Deficiency, Phlegm Obstruction, and Dampness Retention, as well as Heat Toxicity, each delineated by unique tongue and pulse characteristics reflective of the underlying imbalances within the body (Maciocia, G., 2005, The Practice of Chinese Medicine).

Photo of woman yawning because of CHRONIC FATIGUE

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