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In nutrition and herbal medicine, extract powders represent a specialized category of highly concentrated derivatives from plant, fungi, or animal sources. 

Targeted therapeutic and nutrition support

These extracts are designed to deliver amplified levels of specific nutrients or bioactive compounds, and they can vary based on their concentration levels and extraction techniques. Full-spectrum extracts aim to preserve the comprehensive array of compounds found in the original source, and they are often labeled with ratios like 1:1, 4:1, 10:1, or 100:1 to indicate the concentration level. On the other hand, isolated standardized extracts focus on a particular group of compounds, offering a more targeted therapeutic or nutritional approach. Extract powders are utilized for their heightened nourishing qualities and possible specific health benefits and many have been the subject of clinical studies aiming to evaluate their efficacy and safety (Chen et al., Journal of Chromatography A, 2013; Lin et al., Food Chemistry, 2016). 

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