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Juice powders belong to the broader category of extract powders, which are highly concentrated forms of plant, fungi, and animal foods in either powder or liquid state.

Concentrated nutrition

Juice powders vary significantly in their concentration levels and intended uses. Juice powders are unique in that they approach a full-spectrum concentration, retaining a near-complete profile of nutrients and bioactive compounds, except for the removed fiber (Stojković et al., Journal of Functional Foods, 2014). This characteristic makes juice powders distinct in their potential nutritional benefits compared to other types of extract powders (Viollet et al., Diabetes & Metabolism, 2017). While the removal of fiber could arguably detract from some of its nourishing properties, the concentration of other nutrients and compounds is typically elevated, making it a subject of interest for nutritional science (Wang et al., Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016).

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