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Bee-derived products such as honey and bee pollen have garnered attention for their potential health benefits, specifically related to antioxidant and antimicrobial activities.

Bee-derived superfoods

Honey's efficacy has been ascribed to its rich array of bioactive compounds like polyphenols, flavonoids, and enzymatic antioxidants (Mandal & Mandal, 2011, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine; Bankova et al., 2000, Current Pharmaceutical Design). In vitro and animal model studies have demonstrated encouraging results, suggesting a substantive role for bee products in health promotion and disease prevention (Sforcin, 2016, Journal of Ethnopharmacology). Empirical data from human clinical trials remain limited, supporting the need for more research into these bee-derived superfoods (Al-Waili et al., 2013, Scientific World Journal; NIH, 2017).

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