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In Western medicine, dietary fiber is categorized as an indigestible carbohydrate, with three principal types: Insoluble, Soluble, and Prebiotic. Insoluble fiber remains largely unaltered during digestion, while soluble fiber forms a gelatinous substance due to the presence of pectin and gums. Prebiotic fiber is unique in its ability to stimulate beneficial bacterial growth in the colon selectively (Slavin, 2013, Nutrition Reviews).

Commonly found in plant-based foods, the general consensus among health authorities recommends a daily fiber intake of 35-50 grams (Dahl & Stewart, 2015, American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine). Notably, fiber has been demonstrated to support a healthy gut microbiome through a process called anaerobic fermentation, wherein gut bacteria metabolize the fiber (David et al., 2014, Nature). These observations are corroborated by studies in the National Institutes of Health's database, emphasizing fiber's integral role in gastrointestinal health and microbial ecology (McRorie et al., 2015, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics).

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