Wholesale, Bulk, & Custom Blends

Our bulk and wholesale price discounts are based on the size of your order. The larger the order the larger the discount.

For example this is the pricing breakdown for our Coconut Milk Powder

1 lb = $13.99
5 lbs = $11.99 per pound
25 lbs = $10.55 per pound
55 lbs = $7.81 per pound
550 lbs = $7.09 per pound
Greater than 550 lbs please contact us.

Please go to the Bulk Sizes category to order sizes greater than 1 pound. If you need to place a larger order for hundreds or thousands of pounds or you need a custom blend of powders please visit our Contact Us page and send a message requesting a price quote. In your message please let us know how many pounds of each product you need and when you will need it delivered. Also include your shipping address and the best phone number to reach you.