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The expression “only the strongest survive” may not be as accurate as you think.

The truth is the “strongest ones” who survive the longest are the people who are best able to adapt to their surroundings.

The real question we need to ask is,

“How adaptable are you?”

Most people, or should I say most “egos”, will claim to be able to survive anything. Modern society has made that illusion quite easy with all the technology available. The hard truth is that because of the conveniences provided to us with technology we have actually compromised our skills to adapt.

Try out this fun little experiment:

Invite 3 or 4 of your friends on a road trip. Once you are in the car and on the road for a while pull out a map from your glove compartment and ask them to look at the map and be the navigator.  How much do you want to bet that at least 50% of them won’t be able to read the map and will want to grab their phones to use the GPS app?

I get questions every day on a variety of different topics. After speaking to thousands of people I have come to the conclusion that most people do not have their eye on the ball. One of the keys to adapting and surviving is understanding that you should only focus on what you can change.

So many people today are worried about GMO’s, heavy metals and radiation.

I am not saying that this is nothing to be concerned about, yet, it is all around us and not going away anytime soon.  Consequently, we should focus on how we can adapt to these outside stressors rather than being afraid to eat, sleep and breath.   

When I think of all the issues hurting our society today, two things come to mind that are very important for the survival of the human race.

First is to support our body’s natural detoxification process.

We need to maintain our detoxification pathways in an optimal condition so that the dirt gets out. This does not mean we are to go off and do extreme cleanses, rather we must simply support the body to do its job.  I will remind you that our bodies have the ability to detox themselves when given the tools. As a part of that process, we also want to keep as much lean muscle tissue on ourselves in order to make the adaptability process easier. Remember that toxins store-up in fat tissue, so the less we have the better

Please don’t get caught up in the number on the scale and just drop a bunch of muscle only to become the skinny fat person. I assure you that no good will come from that. Throughout history the ones who died first were the ones with the least amount of lean muscle. This is because their body could not adapt and stored toxins in the fat, which the body does to protect itself from harmful substances which it cannot purge.

Next is the use of tonics and adaptogens on a daily basis.

I can’t stress enough (no pun intended) the need for these foods in our lives on a long-term daily basis. Many cultures have been using adaptogens for thousands of years. It turns out that these are the places where lifespan is the longest and the external stressors are some of the worst. Yet, these people adapt and survive.

For example, in Siberia, Chaga mushroom is a key adaptogen traditionally used by the locals to aid in surviving the brutal winters.  And in the  high elevations of Russia where winters can also be long and harsh, Rhodiola is a traditional adaptogen. I am not going to say that genetics don’t play a role, but I do want to remind you that we all have inherent weaknesses that need strengthening.

Truth be told, you can pick any 1 or 2 adaptogens and go to town.  Make sure you use them several times daily, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. There are no breaks and no skipping. The longer you use them the better your results will be. If your body has the ability to have a healthy stress response then you will have a greater ability to adapt.

A few good adaptogens to start with are Ashwagandha, Maca root and Chaga mushroom or if you want more bang for your buck, try our Ultimate super fusion powder.

Our adaptability is our number one tool for short and long term survival, plain and simple. 

In great health,

Mike Stuchiner, Master Herbalist

About Michael Stuchiner

Michael Stuchiner is an experienced Master Herbalist, the Head of Education for Z Natural Foods, a teacher and an accomplished author. With a 16-year specialization in medicinal herbs, Mike also has a vast knowledge in tonic and adaptogenic herbalism. Mike has enjoyed a 25-year career as an elite-level competitive powerlifter where he learned to heal his ‘mind and body’ as an avid user of herbal remedies.

      As an “in-the-trenches” herbalist, Mike has done more than 85 speaking engagements, consulted with clients ranging from young to elderly, worked with athletes in virtually all sports and with clients who have “dis-ease” states of a wide variety. Mike also mentors student Master Herbalists and will continue to teach the next generation to grow a deeper wisdom of the human body through appropriate herbal remedies.


 For Bulk inquiries and custom formulations click here: https://www.znaturalfoods.com/pages/bulk

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