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Why is stevia combined with erythritol? (+Summer popsicle recipe)

4 min read time Jul 06, 2022


Processed white sugar is arguably one of the most common products found in foods today. 

Fortunately, there is a simple and easy option that replaces white sugar with a sweetener that taste’s great, provides similar sweetness as sugar and has other benefits, too. It’s called “stevia erythritol”.

Why is stevia combined with erythritol?

Stevia and erythritol are both natural sweeteners. Stevia is about 300 times sweeter than table sugar and erythritol is derived from fruit and tastes similar to sugar. Stevia is blended with erythritol because the two flavors complement each other.

You can add sugar to your favorite drink, consume it in snacks, or eat it with pretty much any food. And while sugar was at one point in history hard to source, it is an undeniable part of life today. 

Unfortunately, feeding your sweet tooth with white sugar may be causing more harm than good. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular sugar consumption can lead to numerous health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and type two diabetes.

Completely cutting sugar from your diet is easier said than done. But there are healthier alternatives to processed sugars. One of the most effective sugar replacements is a stevia erythritol blend. 

What exactly is a stevia erythritol blend, what does it contain, and how can you use it instead of sugar? Let’s review the details now.

What is a stevia and erythritol blend?

A stevia erythritol blend is a compound made from two natural elements; stevia and erythritol. 

These elements occur naturally and have been used for ages by different communities around the world. 

  • Stevia is a plant whose leaves are ground and used as a sweetener. The ground leaves are sweeter than regular sugar and contain zero carbs or calories. 
  • Erythritol is a natural type of sugar alcohol, extracted from certain fruits, fermented foods, and mushrooms.

When these two elements are blended, they make stevia erythritol. 

One of the clear benefits of using this natural sugar substitute is it has no calories. And in a time, when US Dietary Guidelines advocates for less table sugar consumption, this is a great alternative, if not a better one.

Is stevia and erythritol safe to use as a sugar substitute?

You already know of the numerous effects regular sugar has on your body. Before making the switch, it’s important to investigate if this is a worthwhile substitute. 

So, what exactly makes stevia erythritol better than common sugar?

Well, for starters, both these components have been approved by the FDA. Aside from this approval, there are the aforementioned zero calories. Ideally, you are advised to take less than a tenth of your total calories when it comes to sugar, which is still a lot of calories. On the flip side, with stevia erythritol, you don’t have to worry about caloric intake.

Another great advantage of switching to a stevia erythritol blend is the amount used. This blend is five times more concentrated than regular sugar. So, if you normally use five teaspoons of regular sugar, you’ll just need one teaspoon of this blend.

Stevia erythritol blend does not spike your blood sugar like sugar does. This means it can possibly be safely used by diabetics and people with other conditions that call for sugar regulation. And since the stevia and erythritol blend have some additional micronutrients, other benefits of using stevia erythritol blend may include:

  • May contain anti-inflammatory properties
  • May rejuvenate skin health and may help combat acne
  • May be safe for diabetics
  • Does not contain any harmful preservatives or chemical additives

Can you bake with stevia erythritol?

One of the most common uses of sugar today is baking. In 2021, about 200 million metric tons of sugar were produced. Most of this sugar ended up in baked items like cookies and cakes. 

This begs the question; can you substitute regular sugar with the stevia erythritol blend?

The answer is a resounding yes! 

You can comfortably use Z Natural Foods’ stevia erythritol blend for all your baking needs. The only factor to keep in mind is the quantity; remember, stevia erythritol is five times more potent than table sugar. This means you’ll not only be consuming healthier sugar alternatives, but you’ll also be using a lot less than you normally would.

Other uses of stevia blended with erythritol

Many people consume sugar directly or as part of another food. People living with conditions like diabetes can sometimes find it hard to consume certain food items because of their sugar content. 

Fortunately, Z Natural Foods’ stevia erythritol has numerous uses and applications. These include;

  • It can be added to drinks like coffee, tea, yogurt, cereal, and smoothies
  • It can be substituted for sugar in baking
  • It can be added to processed beverages, snacks, and food items
  • It can be used in diets like keto in sugar-free granola bars and even candies

Essentially, if you can use regular sugar in anything, then you can substitute it with the stevia erythritol blend. 

The mixture easily dissolves in liquids, making it even easier to use at home, in the office, or even when in a hurry.

Why is stevia combined with erythritol _ Fruity Popsicles (No Sugar Added)

Homemade Fruity Popsicles (No Sugar Added):



  1. In a medium size bowl, add all ingredients together, mix well until become smooth and thick (water can be adjusted).
  2. Taste and adjust the sweetness as desired.
  3. Transfer the mixture to popsicle molds, insert wooden sticks, and freeze until solid (roughly 4 hours, preferably overnight).
  4. Unmold and enjoy!

Where can you get a high quality stevia-erythritol blend? 

As more people are increasingly aware of the harmful effects of regular sugar, a largescale switch to healthier options is imminent. Z Natural Foods is your premier healthy dietary option and you can get your stevia erythritol here.

Stevia erythritol from Z Natural Foods is vegan-friendly, chemical and gluten-free, and it does not contain any GMO modification. You can get your stevia erythritol in batches of 1, 5, or 55 pounds, depending on your use and preference.

Ultimately, stevia erythritol is the go-to substitute for common sugar. Make the switch today and enjoy the sweetness of healthy sweetener alongside all the benefits.


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