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Congratulations, you made it through the beginning of the new year!

You did exactly what you set out to do and began your new year right. You made simple daily changes and because you followed the information described in our blog you now have a clean slate and a system that is beginning to respond properly to daily stressors.

Now, while everyone else is scrambling to begin this process, you are moving forward feeling good with a healthy dose of self-confidence. This is one of those make-it or break-it moments when you need to decide how to build upon this new slate.

Here are some common question I receive about building the “new you”...

Q: When referring to supporting my health, what does it mean to build upon a new foundation?

A: Once you have taken the time and gone through the steps to support your “channels of elimination”, you now have a body that may be able to respond to daily stressors in a more efficient manner. At this point, the choices you make in moving forward and supporting this state of wellbeing are of the utmost importance. So when I speak about “building upon a new foundation” I am referring to the choices you make to nourish and nurture yourself.

Q: What are the key elements to rebuilding and supporting a healthy foundation?

A: This new year you are going to continue making smart and simple changes in order to get the most profound effects. To get the most bang for your buck, your objective is to work smarter and not harder. Therefore, the key elements to focus on are to nourish and nurture.

The objective is simple. You want to flood your body with nutrients and phytochemicals in the most wholesome and natural way. When I speak of nurturing yourself, this means to treat yourself well and be patient with the process you are going through. I want you to laugh and have fun because, fun is fundamental. The rebuilding process is supposed to be enjoyable. Every choice you make in this process you should want to do.

Q: What 3 areas have the greatest potential for preventing the rebuilding process from being successful?

A: There are many potential factors which may “throw you off” the correct path when going through this rebuilding process. In my opinion, the three biggest factors are the following.

  1. First, as mentioned above, is lack of nourishment. If you don’t fuel the fire, how do you expect the fire to burn at a consistent rate. Consistency is the number one key to optimal results.
  2. Next, is lack of movement. Getting the body moving is essential for supporting good health because nothing moves stale or stagnated blood quite like movement.
  3. Last but not least is minimizing stress. Notice, how I didn’t say eliminate stress. A little stress, much like a little inflammation, is not a bad thing. Your body needs to stay responsive so a little bit of stress is just enough to keep you on your toes. After all, there is no real way to completely eliminate stress. Our stress response is a part of our survival instinct. What we can do is support our stress response and control how we respond on an emotional level by not personalizing.

Q: What foods may have the greatest potential for supporting the rebuilding process?

A: To get the most bang for your buck, eating functional foods that are highly nourishing and have tonic and adaptogenic properties is your best bet. Foods like

This is a critical point in the healing process as the rebuilding process is a very vital time to make sure all of the lifestyle choices you make are on point. Building a weak home on top of a strong foundation is just as bad as building a strong home on a weak foundation. 

Yours in good health,


About Michael Stuchiner

Michael Stuchiner is an experienced Master Herbalist, the Head of Education for Z Natural Foods, a teacher and an accomplished author. With a 16-year specialization in medicinal herbs, Mike also has a vast knowledge in tonic and adaptogenic herbalism. Mike has enjoyed a 25-year career as an elite-level competitive powerlifter where he learned to heal his ‘mind and body’ as an avid user of herbal remedies.

      As an “in-the-trenches” herbalist, Mike has done more than 85 speaking engagements, consulted with clients ranging from young to elderly, worked with athletes in virtually all sports and with clients who have “dis-ease” states of a wide variety. Mike also mentors student Master Herbalists and will continue to teach the next generation to grow a deeper wisdom of the human body through appropriate herbal remedies.

For Bulk inquiries and custom formulations click here: https://www.znaturalfoods.com/pages/bulk

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