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[Recipe] Vegan Crunch Cheesy Cracker - Guaranteed to be a Party Favorite

2 min read time Sep 17, 2020


Want the healthiest and tastiest July 4th snack ever made?  While still enjoying a vegan, gluten free, vitamin-rich food the whole family and all the guests will love?

Well now you can.

It’s called the Vegan Crunch Cheesy Cracker, and it’s virtually guaranteed to be a party favorite.

This cheesy-cracker is crispy outside and soft on the inside - just like a puff pastry but without the guilt. 

Made of high-fiber rolled oat flour and almond flour, this cracker gives you a delightfully creamy taste and texture while packing a powerful crunch at the same time! 

You’ll also get a special bonus crunch from sesame seeds and hemp seeds -- which deliver another layer of nutrition goodness.

But it gets even better.

In fact, the most wonderful ingredient in this recipe is nutritional yeast -- high in protein and rich in B vitamins, you get an awesome cheesy flavor that brings this snack to a whole new level. 

The garlic powder, himalayan salt, black peppers and fresh basil tops off this flavor explosion

Be sure to send us pictures and video of your finished Vegan Crunch Cheesy Crackers and what you serve them with because this recipe is so good that the Z Natural Foods kitchen is especially proud and we would love to see how you make it your own!

Vegan Crunch Cheesy Crackers Ingredients:

  1. 2 Cups of Organic Rolled Oats
  2. 1 Cup of Organic Almond Flour
  3. ¼ Cup of Nutritional Yeast Powder
  4. 3 Tbsp of Organic Sesame Seeds
  5. 3 Tbsp of Organic Hemp Seeds
  6. ½ Tsp of Organic Garlic Powder
  7. ¼ Cup of Cheddar Cheese (Optional)
  8. ¼ Cup of Chopped Fresh Basil
  9. ⅛ Tsp of Baking Powder
  10. 8 Tbsp of Butter or Olive Oil 
  11. Himalayan Salt (To Taste)
  12. Black Pepper Powder (To Taste)
  13. 2 Tbsp of Cold Water

Vegan Crunch Cheesy Crackers Directions:

  1. Grind rolled oats in the grinder machine (to make flour).
  2. Put all dry ingredients in the food processor and mix well.
  3. Add butter (or olive oil for the vegan option) and cold water and continue the process (with a pulse button) until the dough forms large clumps.
  4. Transfer the dough to the work surface, press into a thick flattened disk, wrap with plastic wrap, and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  5. Unwrap the dough and roll it in between two parchment papers until it becomes 1/8-inch thick. 
  6. Give a shape to the crackers as desired and put them on the baking sheet.
  7. Poke 4-5 holes into each cracker using a toothpick.
  8. Bake crackers at 325 degrees fahrenheit for 12 minutes, remove from the oven, and let stand for about 3 minutes.
  9. Flip the crackers and continue baking for 5 more minutes or until golden brown on both sides.
  10. Let the crackers cool down before serving with your favorite dipping sauce.

For Bulk inquiries and custom formulations click here: https://www.znaturalfoods.com/pages/bulk

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