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Are Specific Herbs Really Necessary?

4 min read time Sep 17, 2020


Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a customer. The customer asked me such a simple question, it really made me think.

His question:

Is using specific herbs a necessity?

While this may seem like a very simple question on the surface, it made me think about how we define the word “necessity”.  

When I think of the term ‘necessity’ the first thing that comes to mind is food, water, air, shelter and clothes.

So naturally, I explained this to the customer and told him that on the surface I didn’t believe the herbs he was looking to use were considered a necessity based on the general definition.  I did, however, explain to him that this does not mean they are not necessities for you. I further explained that it was important to perhaps redefine what we see is a necessity in today’s world. I know, we have some deep conversations, right?

At that point, I began to review with him the understanding that we are living in a time where there are many worldwide, environmental and food supply issues.

This is very relevant because in the United States we export and import much of our food supplies, to and from many countries. I made it very clear to the customer that we have little to no control over most of that process. What we do have control over is how we as individuals respond to these issues both mentally and physically. Therefore, we must give our bodies the support it needs in order to make ourselves as adaptable as possible. This, in itself, has made something which at one point in time was considered nonessential into something that is in fact, very essential.

Next, we discussed that in order to really understand how essential items should be based on individual needs. It is very clear that there are some people who are both mentally and physically tougher than others. This is exactly why in competition, second place exists. There is always someone you are trying to be better than and there is always someone nipping at your heels trying to be better than you. It is all about the pecking order.

It is also very clear that some people put their bodies through a lot more physical stress than others.

For example:

Athletes and construction workers put a higher demand on their body, in a physical sense, than someone who does desk work.  Best specific herbs in this case are maca and ashwagandha.
Someone who has an intense job like working on Wall Street puts a greater demand on their body mentally.  Best specific herbs in this case are cordyceps and reishi.
The need for herbs and taking it up to the next level has a much higher value for those that put their bodies and minds through more than the average individual.

The bottom line is not to be concerned with whether or not what you take is a necessity, but, whether it is a priority for you. Priorities are based on goals and one’s value system.

If the herbs this customer wanted to take was a priority for his goal, then it is essential

I always suggest to customers that they write down the top 5 priorities for them in order to reach their goals. If over time this list has proven to be of great value, then don’t change a thing. If changes need to be made, then make them specifically based on the goal.

Here are some examples:
Within the next 6 months I want to reduce my stress load and work from home by 30%.
Within the next year I want to be 100% vegan.
Within the next 3 months I want to read, write and lift weights on a daily basis.

But one thing to keep in mind: the strongest is truly defined by the most adaptable.

We live our lives based on our value system and goals. Therefore, if you are getting closer to reaching your goals, then don’t let anyone tell you what your value system or priorities should be.

Please keep us posted on your journey. And as always, please feel free to post a comment, question or share your experiences below.

In Great Health,

Mike Stuchiner, Master Herbalist    

About Michael Stuchiner

Michael Stuchiner is an experienced Master Herbalist, the Head of Education for Z Natural Foods, a teacher and an accomplished author.  With a 16-year specialization in medicinal herbs, Mike also has a vast knowledge in tonic and adaptogenic herbalism. Mike has enjoyed a 25-year career as an elite-level competitive powerlifter where he learned to heal his ‘mind and body’ as an avid user of herbal remedies.
               As an “in-the-trenches” herbalist, Mike has done more than 85 speaking engagements, consulted with clients ranging from young to elderly, worked with athletes in virtually all sports and with clients who have “dis-ease” states of a wide variety. Mike also mentors student Master Herbalists and will continue to teach the next generation to grow a deeper wisdom of the human body through appropriate herbal remedies.


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