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Is Turmeric Root the Same as Turmeric Powder? (Compared)

4 min read time Feb 07, 2022


Turmeric is an Indian herb that has a delicious flavor and medicinal value. 

Turmeric is broadly available as a powder additive that improves aroma, color, and nutrition in a wide variety of foods and recipes.

While the powdered form is the most common, the whole root form is also very popular. Fresh, unrefined turmeric root, like fresh ginger, may support health issues such as coughs and flu and add a tasty zest to recipes.

Here are the main distinctions between turmeric root powder and fresh turmeric root. We'll also highlight some slight differences between fresh turmeric root and the popular powder form.

Is Turmeric Root the Same as Turmeric Powder?
Turmeric root powder and fresh turmeric root are nearly identical because both variants come from the same plant. However, they exist as different forms of the same original rhizome. Turmeric powder is essentially the dry version obtained from grinding and drying the fresh turmeric root.

Despite this, some differences may still distinguish the two forms.

First is the taste that sets the fresh root apart from the dry powder. While the powder and root have the same taste in cooked foods, a difference in taste is evident in the fresh, raw form. The fresh root has a hot gingery taste in uncooked food.

The two variants also differ in shelf life, with the powdered root lasting longer.

The fresh root can support delicious recipes and add an extra taste to shakes and smoothies. On the other hand, the powdered form is an excellent additive to any cooked food, has a longer shelf life, and still retains the nutritional value. Whether sliced root or powdered root, turmeric gives your food a beautiful, yellowish color.

Which Is Better: Turmeric Root or Turmeric Powder?

Indian cooks and households have used turmeric for many years. However, this ancient yellow spice is gaining prominence owing to exceptional therapeutic features. 

Here are some of the differences between turmeric powder and the raw, turmeric root form:

Increased Nutrient Content

While the fresh, raw root may have a little more nutritional content than powdered root, both forms contain curcumin, a key active ingredient.

Curcumin concentration in raw, fresh turmeric roots is slightly higher than in powdered turmeric.

Additional Essential Oils

The fresh root contains a high concentration of oil, which acts as a natural antiseptic. Extracted oil applied externally may create a defensive layer against wounds or burns for the body. Some oil from the fresh root may be lost during the powdering process.

No Artificial Colors

The root form of turmeric is free of any chemical or industrial additives. For the powder option, it is important to choose a supplier like Z Natural Foods that does not add artificial coloring to their turmeric root powder.

Enhances Digestion

Due to its possible antiviral attributes, turmeric may also boost immunity and inhibit colds during the winter. Additionally, according to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, turmeric is an effective remedy for bowel syndromes that inhibit digestion.

An Effective Pain Reliever

Many arthritis patients experience aches and pains, and consuming turmeric may help alleviate the pain.

A study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine suggests that turmeric contains curcumin, which can relieve pain in knee arthritis. From the study involving 139 patients, 94% of the patients recorded significant improvement in pain relief after thirty days of treatment using turmeric.

Should You Buy Organic Turmeric Powder?

Be wary of just any turmeric brand because there are chemically-loaded turmeric products on the market that can be harmful.

But organic turmeric root grows under safe and pristine conditions. Furthermore, industry best practices catering to high quality, careful processing ensures that no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs are present.

If you're concerned about the safety of your turmeric, consider using Z Natural Foods’ organic turmeric for the following reasons:

Contains Curcumin and Essential Nutrients

Besides natural curcumin, turmeric also contains other essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and natural oils. These important elements may harbor numerous medicinal properties that may promote anti-aging, anti-inflammatory relief, depression, and detoxification, among others.

There Are No Additives

As previously stated, organic turmeric contains no fertilizers, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. As a result, it is pure and fresh. Furthermore, it does not contain any industrial additives to extend its shelf life.

Has Antibacterial Properties

Organic Turmeric is a farm-fresh product with potent medicinal and antibacterial properties. It may help boost the body's immunity, promote digestion, and possibly aid in weight loss.

Organic turmeric has excellent antimicrobial effectiveness, which enhances preservation and freshness. A study conducted using organic turmeric confirmed that the spice could be helpful to industries in food preservation.

Eco-friendly Processing

The organic processing of turmeric ensures that no chemicals that could harm the environment are used. As a result, it encourages soil value addition, resulting in farm-fresh produce.

Organic Turmeric Root Powder

Z Natural Foods's Organic Turmeric Root powder is 100% natural, with no chemical additives. It comes in fresh powder form, obtained from the dried and crushed root.

It also comes with a tight packaging container to guarantee freshness. However, to increase its shelf life, make sure to store your product away from direct sunlight.

For Bulk inquiries and custom formulations click here: https://www.znaturalfoods.com/pages/bulk

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