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Heavy cream powder vs. heavy cream (The difference)

4 min read time May 10, 2022


As we can all agree, the kitchen is the heart of any home. Whether professionally or in your own home, preparing food is one of the most gracious acts one can do, which is why it’s important to use the very best ingredients. Among the most useful items to have on hand is heavy cream powder.

Heavy cream powder can be used in numerous dishes, including coffee, creamed spinach, custard, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, creamy sauces, and baked goods (cookies, muffins, cakes, etc.), and all types of desserts. 

This versatile ingredient can be the missing component that completes your favorite dish, so let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

The Difference Between Heavy Cream Powder and Heavy Cream

The difference between heavy cream powder and heavy cream is the moisture content. Heavy cream powder is a dehydrated powder as a result of removing water from the heavy cream. 

Cream is a dairy product obtained from cows’ milk. All milk products are ranked according to the levels of fat that they contain, ranging from light to heavy. 

Skim milk, for example, is considered light because it only contains 0 to 0.5% percent fat content. When you consider whole milk (3.25%), half-and-half (10.5-18%), light cream (18-30%), whipping cream (30%), heavy cream (36-70%), and butter (70%), you can get a good illustration of this range.  

To obtain heavy cream, whole milk is pasteurized (heat treatment to kill bacterial) before being put into a fat separator (a centrifuge). 

This centrifuge works by spinning the milk very rapidly, causing the heavier fats and solids to rise to the top while skim milk is left at the bottom. This process also helps eliminate any remaining somatic cells, bacteria, and spores from the milk. The separated components are then recombined in precise proportions to develop the desired end product.

To make powdered heavy cream, all one needs to do is remove the water content. This dehydration process dramatically extends the heavy cream’s shelf-life, which is a big difference compared to traditional, refrigerated cream.

As long as your heavy cream powder is not mixed with water, you can purchase heavy cream powder in bulk and store it, which is particularly useful for restaurants and people living in places where access to fresh groceries every day is limited.

How to Make Heavy Cream From Cream Powder 

Getting ready-to-use heavy cream from your heavy cream powder is a simple matter of adding water. 

Here’s how you make heavy cream from your heavy cream powder:

  1. Take a clean bowl and pour in your heavy cream powder, approximating how much you need. 
  2. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:1, meaning that a tablespoon of powder will mix with a tablespoon of water. 
  3. Add in fresh water and mix it until you achieve a creamy consistency. You can add in some more powder if you overshoot your water estimate. 
  4. Refrigerate what is left over. (Keeping your unused heavy cream powder in a cool, dry, dark pantry)

For Half and Half, mix 2 tbsp water, 1 tbsp whole milk powder, and 1 tbsp of heavy cream powder.

How to Use Heavy Cream Powder

The rich, creamy, luscious flavor and decadent mouth-feel of heavy cream can raise any dish to the next level. Heavy cream powder is preferred over light cream because of its heat tolerance. Light creams will curdle or break apart when added to hot liquids or mixed with acidic agents such as vinegar or lemon juice, making them unsuitable for hot soups, sauces, and various desserts.

Another reason why heavy cream is highly valued in kitchens is the fact that it will whip up into firm peaks because of its higher fat content, while lighter whipping creams get stuck at the soft peak level no matter how much you whip them.

A serving of heavy cream only contains 45 calories and has plenty of amino acids, fatty acids, Vitamin D, iron, potassium, calcium, and more. You can use it in traditional recipes such as baked goods, sauces, soups, smoothies, chocolate, etc. 

Certain recipes, such as soups and sauces, won’t need you to add water to your heavy cream powder to be effective because they already contain adequate moisture. 

Coffee is a a great example of this, and our first recipe below. Enjoy!


Cinnamon Keto Coffee with Heavy Whipping Cream



  1.  Add all dry powder to your coffee cup, pour hot coffee, or brew the coffee into the cup and stir well.
  2.  Adjust sweetness and creaminess as desired.
  3.  Enjoy your Keto Coffee!!


Homemade Alfredo Sauce recipe with Heavy Whipping Cream

For 2 cups of Alfredo Sauce:



  1. In a saucepan, add heavy cream powder, butter powder, and water, whisk well and cook on medium heat for two minutes or until boiling.
  2. Add cream cheese powder, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper to taste, whisk well, and cook for two more minutes.
  3. Remove the pan from heat, add shiitake mushroom powder and whisk well. Taste the sauce and adjust the flavor as desired.
  4. If the sauce is too thick, add little water until the desired consistency.

Final Thoughts

Aside from its usefulness and great taste, powdered heavy cream has a much longer shelf life. As long as it is not mixed with water, Heavy Cream Powder can be kept in storage for about 12 months, making it a great addition to your emergency food stores. Heavy cream powder manufactured in the United States is gluten-free and certified Kosher, making it a viable addition to ketogenic diet regimens.

Traditional heavy cream can be a pricey item in professional kitchens because of its shorter shelf life, and so kitchens and homes alike can benefit from the cost savings that come with buying heavy cream powder in bulk and storing it for much longer than you could with regular cream. If you’re hoping to get all the benefits of heavy cream without the downsides, powdered heavy cream is an effective option for commercial and personal kitchen use. Try it today!


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