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As temperatures heat up this summer, now you can cool down with these refreshing superfood popsicles.

These popsicles are not only healthy and nutrient-dense, but they are very easy to make.  Sure beats the sugary, syrupy, chemically popsicle found in the freezer aisle in the grocery store.

There are hundreds of flavor combinations and the kids (and the parents) will absolutely love these.

For this recipe, you will need coconut milk and your favorite superfood powders.

To make coconut milk:

Simply mix three teaspoons of Organic Coconut Milk Powder with 8 oz of warm/hot water and stir with sweetener of choice.

Your next step is to add a teaspoon of each of your favorite superfood powders and blend. We recommend using a combination of at least three powders to improve taste and take advantage of the benefits of each one of the ingredients.

Here are five tasty popsicle suggestions (the same ingredients as seen in the video):

Matcha Green Tea Popsicle

Organic Mango Popsicle

Organic Strawberry Popsicle

Organic Acai-Raspberry Popsicle

Mocha Popsicle


Once you are done blending your favorite combination, pour the liquid into a popsicle mold or a small cup and place it in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Enjoy!

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