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Diabetes, as delineated by Western Medicine, manifests as a chronic metabolic ailment characterized by heightened blood glucose levels, engendering eventual ocular, vascular, renal, cardiac, and neural impairment (American Diabetes Association, 2019, Diabetes Care).

The condition is classified into two types. Type 1 Diabetes entails insulin dependence, wherein pancreatic insulin production falters (Atkinson et al., 2014, Lancet). In contrast, Type 2 Diabetes encompasses compromised glucose regulation and utilization, resulting in hyperglycemia and subsequent nervous and circulatory dysfunctions (American Diabetes Association, 2020, Diabetes Care). Traditional Chinese Medicine labels Diabetes as "Xiaoke" (wasting thirst), aligning with various patterns of disharmony. Predominantly, Stomach Yin Deficiency is observed, attributed to the stomach's role as the source of body fluids and preference for cold and damp characteristics (Liang et al., 2017, Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine). This deficiency can impair fluid function, culminating in dryness and heat within the stomach (Xu et al., 2015, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine).

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