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Is Coconut Milk Powder the Same as Coconut Milk? (Explained)

4 min read time Nov 29, 2021


Coconuts are well-known for their health benefits and many uses. 

The flesh of a mature coconut produces a variety of coconut products such as coconut flour, coconut water, shredded coconut, coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, coconut milk, and organic coconut milk powder.

Coconut milk powder is the same as coconut milk. The difference is that coconut flesh is grated and soaked in hot water and once the coconut cream rises to the top it is  skimmed off. The remaining liquid is squeezed through a cheesecloth to extract a white liquid that is the coconut milk. This white liquid is dried and put into powder form.

How do you make coconut milk from coconut milk powder?

You can extract coconut milk by grating and mixing mature coconut flesh with water and then straining the mixture. To get the coconut milk powder, evaporate all the water from coconut milk at a low temperature.

If you want to get coconut milk again, add water to the powder since coconut milk powder is coconut milk minus water. Still, there are differences between liquid coconut milk’s nutrient content and powdered coconut milk.

Benefits of coconut milk powder over coconut milk

As much as they both contain minerals and antioxidants that may improve heart health, aid in weight loss, and increase blood circulation, there are several reasons why coconut milk powder is more effective.

1. Easy to store

The storage space you need for coconut milk powder is significantly less than the canned version. It is, therefore, optimal for space-saving and efficiency around your pantry.

2. No wastage 

Coconut milk comes stored in either cans or boxes, but it is a perishable good. If you don’t consume it within three days after opening, it will go to waste. Fortunately, coconut milk powder can attain up to 18 months of shelf life even after opening.

3. It is cost-effective  

Depending on the variant, a packet of coconut milk powder in certain stores may cost more than canned coconut milk.

However, a little coconut milk powder goes a long way. For instance, a 1 lb bag of coconut milk powder can make approximately 2 gallons of coconut milk.

4. It is conveniently versatile

It is safe to dub coconut milk powder a convenience food since it has more uses than its coconut milk counterpart. You can easily add it to recipes without increasing the liquid content of the dish when you want a coconut flavor. 

It’s a perfect addition to everything from curries, sauces, smoothies to hot drinks and dairy-free ice-creams.

5. Fewer Additives                                               

Most canned and boxed coconut milk have preservatives, artificial thickening additives, and stabilizers that remove the product’s natural element. Although they do the same for the powdered version, it has significantly fewer artificial ingredients.

How do you make coconut milk from coconut milk powder?

Making coconut milk from the powder is easy. Mix the coconut milk powder with hot or warm water and stir well for a few seconds.

To get a glass of coconut milk, mix 1–2 spoonfuls (6g - 12g) of coconut milk powder to a glass of warm water.

The more water you use, the more the consistency resembles milk. But for thicker cream-like consistency, be sure to use less water.

How to use dry coconut milk powder

a) As a Kitchen Ingredient

The powder has a delicious taste and can give any dish or drink a distinctive coconut flavor. It is a pantry staple and a valuable cooking ingredient when making curries, soups, and other savory dishes to increase consistency, taste, and thickness.

b) Hair Product

It contains fat making it a fabulous product for your hair. Mix with any natural oil to make a creamy texture, and massage into damaged, dry, or itchy hair. You don’t have to wash it out–apply as a leave-in conditioner.

c) Skincare

Similarly, you can mix a small amount of coconut milk powder with olive or coconut oil and use it to remove make-up from your face. It also acts as a moisturizer for people with eczema or dry skin.

Moreover, it has antibacterial properties, which may help nourish the skin. People with acne-prone skin or frequent outbreaks may benefit from the powder.

Coconut Milk Powder Recipes

i) Banana Smoothie

Blend to make a smoothie. Add organic banana flakes for flavor and nutritional benefits.

ii) Coconut Avocado Dessert

Peel and blend the avocado, vanilla extract, coconut milk powder, coconut milk, and organic raw cinnamon until smooth. Transfer into a glass or bowl and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with shredded coconut flakes, dates, and fresh berries.                         


Organic coconut milk powder is different from coconut milk as it has little moisture content. That doesn’t mean it misses out on the health benefits, such as improved blood circulation and supporting heart health.

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